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Delicious Coconut Cake

Easy Coconut Cake

This easy coconut cake recipe is just like grandma used to make, only simpler and faster! Using yellow cake mix and shredded coconut, this cake is the perfect sweet treat to whip up on a warm summer day to enjoy with a glass of cold lemonade or sweet tea on the porch.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 33 mins
Cooling Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 53 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine African
Servings 8 people


  • 9 x 13 Baking Dish
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Hand mixer (or stand mixer)
  • Shallow bowl or dish


  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 ¾ cups shredded shredded coconut, divided
  • 15 oz. can of Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut
  • 8 oz. whipped topping


  • Preheat oven to the temperature on the back of the cake mix box. It's usually 350 degrees for a shiny metal or glass pan, or 325 degrees for a non-stick pan.
  • Put the can of coconut cream in a bowl or shallow dish of hot tap water to sit while baking the cake.
  • Grease the bottom of the cake pan(s).
  • Make cake batter according to the back of the box. Depending on the brand, you'll typically use the 3 eggs, ⅓ - ½ cup of vegetable and 1 cup of water.
  • Add ¾ cup of shredded coconut to the cake batter.
  • Pour batter with added coconut into the greased baking dish and cook according to the directions on the back of the box. (If you're using a 9 x 13 pan, this is usually 28-33 minutes.)
  • After cake is finished baking, poke a LOT of small holes in the top of the cake with a large skewer or toothpick. The more holes the better!
  • Shake the can of warmed coconut cream and open it, then pouring it slowly over the cake. This allows the cream to sink down into the holes in the cake, evenly distrbuting it throughout.
  • Let the cake cool to room temperature.
  • Spread whipped cream topping over the cake.
  • Sprinkle the remaining shredded coconut over the cake.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve.


  • You can use different baking pans for your cake:
    • 2 - 8 inch round baking pans
    • 2 - 9 inch round baking pans
    • bundt cake pan
    • 24 cupcake tin
  • Just be sure to adjust the oven time based on which pans you use!
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